let's rehabilitate an abandoned part of the tea plantation together!

We started 2022 with around 1500 families who get their yearly tea supply from Renegade Tea Estate. While most of the adoptions are for one or maybe a few seasons, then 169 rather special ones will carry the same name for the next 20+ years.

Each of those 169 has some story behind it. First more than 80 people joined us during our first Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2018, when we had just arrived in Georgia and we had not yet produced even a single bag of tea and our factory was just ruins with trees growing on the roof. Those were some brave people who still found the courage to believe in our crazy dream and we are forever thankful to them! The next 75 gardens found their patrons during the first Covid-19 lockdowns in early 2020 and the latest 12 were gone in a few hours just a year ago.

Those 169 people adopted their plots when instead of nice tea rows, there was a mixed jungle of tea, fern, blackberries and trees. The money they paid was spent on the actual rehabilitation and recovery works of the gardens and this makes them real renegade tea farmers too. In return, those gardens will carry their names until the end of the lease period, until 2044, and every year they get 50% of the harvest from the area they helped to restore.

Now, in 2022, there will be one last chapter added to this novel. There are a few last corners left that we still need to reclaim from the jungle and just 31 more abandoned tea gardens will be offered to real renegade tea farmers. 31 more, to take the total to a nice and round 200. Like the other 169, they too will come with an adoption period until the end of 2044.

Those 31 special tea gardens will be located in the freshly rehabilitated area in a far corner of Rioni Estate, surrounded by impenetrable (without a machete at least) chasms and jungle on all sides - some real "renegade" stuff.


Choose a garden and pay a one-time adoption fee. You will be this garden's patron until the end of 2044 (this is when our current rent agreement for this plantation ends). 

Every year we will harvest leaves and produce tea from your garden. 50% of the produced tea we will send to you (for free). The other 50% of tea we will sell to other customers to cover the garden's maintenance and production costs. 

The plantation requires about 4-5 years to mature after the initial rehabilitation. It means that in 2022 your tea quantity will be minimal, but it will gradually grow every year, until it should reach 2-2,5 kg of ready made tea in 2026-2027

We will send tea from your garden each autumn. You will have to pay for the shipping costs from our EU warehouse (in Estonia) to your indicated address. We constantly try to find better and cheaper shipping options for you and we don't take any commission for this ourselves.

Out of 31 gardens on offer, 9 are located in the area which we rehabilitated already in 2021. They are next to the 12 gardens that found owners last year.

22 new gardens are located separately, on a small secluded tea field that is yet to be cleaned from weeds. All the gardens have the same size, circa 125 square meters and have around 50-60 bushes on them. It takes time until the fields recover from the rehabilitation, so the initial harvests will be quite small. However, once the tea bushes reach full productivity in 4-5 years, we expect to produce 4-5 kg of tea from each of those gardens every season.