Tea Garden 70
Tea Garden 70

Tea Garden 70

Personal tea garden at Rioni Estate, Georgia

By adopting this garden you help us share the initial investments during the start-up phase to keep the area clean from weeds so the tea bushes would have better conditions to grow big and healthy. In return for your support, we will name this garden after you and for the next 25 years, each autumn, you will receive half of the produce of this area.


Size of the garden: 250 m
Quantity of tea you get:
2020: ca 13 pkg (ca 625 g)
2021: ca 25 pkg (ca 1,25 g)
2022: ca 50 pkg (ca 2,5 kg)
2023: ca 75 pkg (ca 3,75 kg)
2024-2044: ca 100 pkg (ca 5 kg)
Total value of your tea: ca 14 100 eur 
*1 pkg = 50 g

Key things to know:

- The quantity of tea increases each year until the tea bushes have matured.
- Quantities are estimated based on our best knowledge, but might not be 100% accurate. As the weather conditions affect productivity, the total quantity of the tea can vary each year even when tea bushes are mature.
- You can choose which teas you would like to get - green, oolong or black teas.
- To receive the preferred teas, you will need to place an order via our e-shop in autumn. We will send you the exact instructions how to do that, so there is nothing to worry about.
- There is a one-time fee which you pay now and then you pay only for the shipping costs. If due to your country’s legislation additional taxes or other fees apply, then these are up to you to cover.
- Teas are shipped worldwide.

Once you have adopted your ideal tea garden, we will send you a confirmation of our cooperation and detailed information of where exactly your garden is located and how you will receive your tea. And then there are 8 long months to wait for the first tea from your very own tea garden! It sounds like a lot of time, we know, but in the meantime, we will make sure to keep you updated on how the tea bushes are doing and you are more than welcome to come and visit it yourself already this summer!

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